The Future of Mobile

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So I'm exploring possible software solutions, in the form of a pilot project, to treat and analyse neutron data.
Although, for now, no decisions have been taken, I do feel that we have to provide (only?) a web interface, in the form of a rich HTML5 internet application.

There's not many (if any) scientific internet applications: Well, something with 3D and 2D plotting facilities and a scripting console for math operations (a restricted/safe ipython console being the ideal). Looking forward for suggestions :)

Coming back to the main subject: tablets and smartphones market will explode in the coming years:

Connected Devices Growth

There's a great presentation about this topic available on the Business Insider web site:

It's interesting to see in this presentation that app developers still prefer iOS to Android! Even worse they might be loosing interest in Android!
And I though Java was easier and more intuitive than ObjectC !?!?!?! 
Android version fragmentation appears to be the source of the problems..

For the capitalists out there, the cross-platform revenue is 3 times higher with iOS than with Android: `"iOS is where the money is"!

I do believe that we will all be using a browser and HTML5 in future. Well, let's see!

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